Troypoint IPTV

Troypoint IPTV will provide you the best IPTV Subscription in the market with more than 12,000 IPTV Channels and more over than 10,000 VOD on the go.

Troypoint IPTV for MAG device
Troypoint IPTV

Why Troypoint?

Troypoint have been in the market for about 8 years ago and we have launched our proper Nitro IPTV.

Troypoint IPTV

Area 51 IPTV

Area 51 IPTV is searched over the internet by many customers, but the good news is Troypoint begin to provide this amazing IPTV service.

Troypoint IPTV

Troypoint Analysis

Troypoint IPTV is one of the most IPTV Service in USA and UK due to many analysis reasons.

Troypoint IPTV


Troypoint IPTV

Troypoint IPTV is a service IPTV provider since 2014 and we offer our customers more than +12,000 IPTV Channels and more over than +10,000 VOD, latest movies, latest series and much more.

Troypoint IPTV service work with

all IPTV devices

Our IPTV service is compatible with the majority of IPTV devices, MAG250, Smart TV, LG, MAG, Android, Roku TV, iPhone, iPad and much more..

You plug and we play it for you!

Troypoint IPTV for MAG device


What We Offer

Our IPTV is here to give you the best IPTV service with lowest prices and we give you also good deals every week to satisfy our customers and let them enjoy IPTV.

We are not kidding, we have the best IPTV service, try it and watch in action.

Ghost IPTV Setup

Fast IPTV setup with all devices, after the payment we will help you to setup your IPTV subscription correctly by Skype or Email.

Troypoint IPTV

IPTV Access Security

Yes, we provide in each IPTV subscription a secure connection between our IPTV servers and ISP, so you will have personal access.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are a team of Professional Stream Workers, we give our customers 100% money back if they don’t like our IPTV service, Troypoint IPTV is your best choice if you want secure streams.

How to pay?

We accept PayPal and Bitcoin.

We are accepting the most used payment gateways, PayPal and Bitcoin are the major payment method in the IPTV market and after the payement we send you all the IPTV instructions into your email address, please be sure to write your correct email address to receive all your details.

Troypoint IPTV

Why Troypoint IPTV is your best choice?

Troypoint IPTV has been in the market since 2014 due to many reasons, we respect our customers and new customers, no matter what is the issue is. We give 100% Money Back guarantee in every IPTV subscription, more than 96% of our new or old customers are satisfied and never had issues before.

Try us now and you will be amazed.

The Multiroom IPTV is available? 

Yes, we provide 2 connections IPTV in every package, it depends on your choice, if you have 2 rooms, you can order 2 connections package.

Troypoint IPTV

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More than +12,000 IPTV Channels and +10,000 VOD on the go with low prices and high quality.